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200 Yards
.442 5 shot group, Remington 700PSS 7.62 X 51
topped with a Super Sniper 20 power scope

Without your SS scope on it my Remington 700 PSS is nothing more than an expensive mechanical device.But with your scope attached it becomes a thing of beauty, a joy to behold, and the finest shooting weapon that I own.

Mitch Schwadron
NYDC/MPTC Certified since 1981

Ammunition used, Federal gm308m
To whom it may concern,

Just over a year ago I purchased two of the SS scopes one for a Bushmaster and the other went on a Savage 110FP chambered in 30-06. I must say, that they have exceeded my expectations, attached is a .pdf file of the scanned copy of the target I mailed Savage. This group was done at 100 yds. with a Savage 110 FP 30-06 Springfield, Harris bipod, prone position, 3 consecutive rounds. Use 168 grain Winchester Ballistic Silvertip, new ammo, not reloads. With this point of impact at 100 yards, I get a "Dead Zero" at 200 yards with 3 rounds within .5". Needles to say, I'm a happy shooter all year, and filled all my tags last White-Tail Deer season.



Attached to this email is a target that proves the repeatability of your SS Series of rifle optics.

The three-shot .338 Lapua group was fired with an Armalite AR-30 equipped with an SS20X42 scope. The 0.150” group is typical for this rig at 100 yards.

The proof of the repeatability of the SS riflescope is that the three shots were not fired into the target consecutively.

I fired the first round of the afternoon at the target at 100 yards in order to check cold barrel zero. Then, I proceeded to practice ranging and engaging targets at unknown ranges anywhere from 350 through 600 yards. To do this the elevation knob was adjusted back and forth anywhere from -1.75 MoA (100 yard zero) to 10.75 MoA (600 yard zero). I adjusted the elevation knob up and down all afternoon.

After all the targets were engaged, I cranked the elevation knob back down to -1.75 MoA (100 yard zero) and fired two more rounds at the cold barrel zero target, in order to check the repeatability of the riflescope.

I do not believe that better repeatability is available in any other scope at any price.

I have attached a photo of one of my groups I shot last Sunday. The ammo was Lapua brass loaded with Sierra Matchking bullets to a velocity of around 2,600 fps. It was my first load I assembled for this gun just to break the barrel in. I think I'll keep it.


Joe Newcomer
Las Cruces, New Mexico


Super Sniper 10X42

My name is Richard Ford, I'm a police officer in Kalkaska, MI. On June 28, 2004 I was injured in a car accident while enroute to a call. I've been off work for nearly a year recovering and hopefully will be going back to work soon. During these long months off I've rekindled an old fire. My love for shooting. This wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for a few food people. For starters I owe a lot of thanks to Mr. Chris Farris of SWFA. I couldn't thank you enough, without your help and trust this review wouldn't have been written. And I also have to thank an old Army sniper buddy Keith Ferguson for getting me back into something I missed so much. Thanks Buddy. To give a little background on myself I served eight years in the US Army. I started as 11b (infantry) and closed out my time as a Pathfinder in the 101st Abn. During my time in I had the opportunity to be trained at SOTIC. My time as a sniper afforded me the opportunity to use a variety of sniper systems ranging from M24, SR25, M86, Browning BAR and M821A1 Barrett, All rifles were topped with Leopold or Swarovski optics. All optics were 30 mm, fixed 10X, mil-dot reticles, three turret, side parallax adjustable scopes with the exception of the Swarovski on the Barrett 50 cal. I have a M1A1 NM I've had since I was in the Army. I shot the rifle quite a bit prior to leaving the Army but after my ets the rifle has unfortunately been collecting dust. In November 2004 I was searching the web for optics and found SWFA and the Super Sniper line of optics. I recalled the SS optics coming out in the mid to late 90's made but Tasco. After a little reading I contacted SWFA and corresponded with Chris Farris. A few emails and a lot of trust on Mr. Farris's part and I received a SS10X42 rear Parallax scope in Dec. 04. I wanted to give feed back on this particular scope. I tested the scope in extreme cold weather conditions from early to mid winter. As I stated earlier I live in Michigan and as most people know December in Michigan can be very cold. This year in particular we experienced many sub zero days all the way through February. This type of weather was great for testing.


Upon receipt of the SS10X42 I Noticed many features that are available most commonly only on super high dollar optics. The SS10X42 features a rear parallax adjustment from zero yards to infinity, a bulletproof one piece tube, built in sunshade, large easy to read and adjust (with gloves on) turret knobs 1/4 moa, a no glare matte finish, mil-dot reticle, and super clear fully multi coated lenses and fast focus eyebell as well as being fog and shockproof . Combine this with the Badger Ordinace mounts and Butler Creek covers from SWFA and you have a solid set of optics. Many other accessories are available through SWFA as well.


All testing was conducted outside in a extreme cold weather environment. Temperatures ranging from -20F to 10F. Heavy overcast skies , snow and freezing rain were the norm. Winds averaged zero to half scale. Engagements were from 200 to 700 yards moving and stationary. Rifles used was M1a1 NM with SS10X42. Rounds fired were hand loads utilizing Federal match brass and primers, 168HPBT Sierra Match King bullets and Alliant Reloder 15-42.8 grm. Targets used were iron maiden and paper silhouette type targets.


On all of the testing I utilized nearly the same data I gathered while in the military. Target size was 19" x30" paper and steal. Zeroing was at 200 yards on paper silhouettes. Immediately, I noticed the Super Sniper had exceptional crisp, clean clarity. I have used many popular named scopes in the same price range of the Super Sniper claiming clear view, but found clarity to be substandard, especially at longer ranges. As I stated before we were shooting in heavy overcast skies. This was no problem for the SS, for it has large 30mm tube which assists in its light gathering capabilities. Also, I prefer a little longer eye relief and the SS10X42 offers nearly a four inch relief which is great for when your shooting the larger caliber rifles. Well back to zeroing. After obtaining a 200 yd. zero I wanted to see if the Super Sniper would maintain its zero. I used the box method. I placed one round in the target then adjusted 10 moa or 20 clicks of elevation. I then placed a second then adjusted 10 moa L/windage. A third round was placed. I then dialed down 10 moa and placed a fourth. 10 moa r/ windage was dialed and the final round sent into the target touching the first round resulting in a perfect box. After zeroing I moved out to 300yds. Sight adjustments were very easy even in the cold weather. This is because the SS has large deep grooved turret knobs which are great for the times the when gloves are being worn or conditions are wet. On cheaper quality scopes I found that the colder weather made adjustment sluggish and stiff. The Super Sniper adjustment stayed solid and smooth with acception of the windage adjustment. The windage adjustment turret knob movement was great but had little to no audible click. This is a downfall being you have to usually count your right or left adjustment. I did notice this made no difference if I was outside in the subzero weather or inside where it was 70 degrees. The next targets engaged were the 500 and 700yd iron maiden targets. Slight parallax adjustments were needed between each meter range change resulting in super crisp view. The Super Sniper I tested has a rear parallax adjustment located at the front of the eyebell. Parallax is adjustable from zero to infinity. This also functioned flawlessly in the cold. After engaging the 700yd target I moved back to the 200 yd target which was my original zero. I placed ten rounds in a sub moa group which once again confirmed the Super Snipers ability to maintain its zero.


On the same range I conducted a series of moving engagements at the 300 and 500 yd lines. Granted this can only be done safely if you have a properly constructed burm or pit for the target holder to walk behind. My goal of this test was to utilized the mil-dot reticle using the trapping technique. Trappings is a method where you hold your rifle and crosshairs at a certain point waiting for the target to enter your field of view. Once the target enters and reaches the designated mil lead the trigger is squeezed. I prefer this method over tracking just because there is less movement with the rifle. Once again I utilized much of the same dope I had already gathered. At 300yds, medium to fast walking pace targets were exposed for approximately four seconds. I utilized one mil lead trapping the target. Kills were scored with every shot. At the 500yd line a six second exposure was utilized. I used an approximate 1.5 mil lead. Once again every round met it's mark. Keep in mind that if you have a running or fast moving target mil lead will have to be nearly doubled.


This scope is solid. I took the Super Sniper on three separate simulated stalks ranging out to 500yds. I know your asking what the hell is a simulated stalk. Well, given my present condition I wasn't able to perform actual stalks. So I did one better. I completely wrapped my rifle up with a large piece of bedding foam my wife had. I then placed a piece of tent canvas over the foam so it would drag easier. I cut a hole in the top of the canvas and foam so that the scope would be exposed. I did leave the objective and rear lense covers on the scope. I then tied a piece of 550 cord around the muzzle of the rifle and proceeded to drag the rifle with the exposed scope behind me. Yes, I know when you read this you'll cringe, I know I did. I carefully chose my routes so that the Super Sniper was drug through the snow, over frozen ground and through the mud. I subjected the scope to ten times the abuse it would receive on a mornal stalk. Two times I destroyed the Butler Creek objective lens cover resulting in a snow packed objective lens. The lens cover breaking was no fault of the manufactures but a failure due to misuse and abuse. On the second sim stalk the elevation turret knob came loose. This was cured by simply tightening the allen head set screws on the turret. Following each stalk 40 rounds were fired at different yardages to check to see if any damages were sustained during the stalk. I would start at my original zero and then shoot the 3, 4 and 500yds. Ultimately other than a few scratches on the outer coating the Super Snipers performance and ability to maintain zero was not affected.


This test was not an accuracy test but a test to show that any level of shooter can use the Super Sniper with ease. I had my wife Melissa come along for one shoot. Melissa has no knowledge shooting with optics. As well as this id the first time shooting anything shoulder fired bigger that .22 cal. She used the same rifle and ammo I used. Prior to her shooting I explained the Super Sniper functions and how to make adjustments. She used a total of thirty rounds. She began her shoot at the 200yd line scoring kills easily. I then asked her to move out to the 300 yrd target. She used my dope log to make proper adjustments. At 300yds she blasted the target. The same for the 500yd line. I asked her after we were done what she thought of the scope. She said that she thought it would've been a lot harder than it was. She said the "dial thing" were easy to turn. I asked her if she had any problems seeing through it, being she wears glasses. She said she had no problem and was actually surprise she could make things out so clearly so far out there. She then said that if she knew that if this was all was doing in the Army, she wouldn't have felt so bad for me when I was gone on deployments. I then explained to my lovely wife that there was just a tad more to this shooting stuff than she thought. Well overall, this proves that with a little walk through any experience level shooter can use this scope.


What a great set of optics. I put this scope through hell and back and it preformed. Throughout testing I had consistent clear view, fogless optics. Scopes in this price range $300 to $400.00 can't compare to the Super Sniper. You could go out and buy $1,200.00 set of optics, but there's no need. The Super Sniper does everything that the top dollar scopes do and at a fraction of the cost. The Super Sniper is a very user friendly rock solid optic. The Super Sniper can be used by experienced and beginners alike. The Super Sniper can be used for hunting where long range shots are anticipated. The Super Sniper can be used on Perimeter type work or easily adjusted to shoot out to 100 yrds. The mil-dot reticle also assist in accurately ranging your targets. In a tactical environment the Super Sniper will perform in the most extreme conditions and extreme tactical environments. I would recommend the Super Sniper to any sniper locker or police sharp shooter team. The Super Sniper would be great for those departments where money is no concern and especially those departments where there is a tight budget and you certainly would not be compromising a thing. Again I would like to pay thanks to Chris Farris and SWFA. Without their support I would've had a long boring winter.





To Whom It May Concern,

I just received my SS10X42 scope from SWFA the other day.  For the first time, I opened a box containing a scope, and I  found that on initial viewing, it appeared to be  tough looking, and appealing (not that it really matters, but it can).  Plus it had ease of manipulation.  I especially liked the rear focus. I took the scope out today and did a 200 yard zero on it.  This is the first scope that I have EVER had that did a zero in 5 shots (not using a bore slighter).  I mounted the scope on a Robar Custom 308 rifle with a Hearts match grade, air gauged barrel, and Smith Enterprise scope rings and base.  After zeroing the rifle. I did another 5 shots.  I managed to shoot a sub-minute of angle group at 200 yards (I saved the target for proof).  Finally a scope that performs as well as the rifle.  I even did the box test and it performed with no flaws!.  This is the 3rd scope I have had on this rifle.  The first two were Leupold and Nikon Tactical scopes.  There always seem to be a slight flaw out of the box (usually a left or right adjustment). I don't know what else to say, but THANK YOU! I appreciate the integrity of your web site by your ability to send me a scope that performs as stated.  I truly believe you have set a tremendous standard for other to try and follow.  This not only applies to the quality of product, but the pricing as well.  How you do that, I don't know, but I am grateful.

You will always have my business and I wish you continued great success. 


John Woods 

P.S. Just for your information only, I am a 13 year veteran Police Officer, and a Firearms Instructor...I do a lot of shooting!!!


Action.-Remington 700 short action.
Barrel.-Shilen heavy 25.5” 1/10 twist.
Chamber.-300 WSM.
Extractor.-Sako style large.
Rings.-DSA low tactical steel.
Base.-Custom 25 MOA steel one piece.
Scope.-SWFA- SS10X42M Mil-Dot.
Bipod.-Harris low-notched legs.
Scope caps.-Buttler creek.
This gun also has an oversized bolt handle, 2lb trigger and an oversized bedding lug.

I am a big .308 fan so when the new .300 WSM came out I was excited to see what it could do in a Remington short action but I soon found out that Remington was not going to chamber their guns for the new cartridge because they had their own .300 SAUM.

The two cartridges are very close in size and shape but the Winchester has a small advantage over the Remington as far as velocities are concerned.

I wanted to build a good long-range sniper style rifle and I was able to do all of the gunsmith work my self-which was great because I could take as much time and put as much work as I wanted into it.

When I go shooting, I shoot from 100 yards to 2000 yards depending on the gun I am using. I wanted to build this gun for shooting targets out to 1500 yards so I used a Remington 700 short action that I got from my 22.250, it had about 7500 rounds through it and it was about due for a new barrel anyway. Their was some careful work in opening the bolt face , installing the new Sako style extractor and truing the action , it ended up working great.

From their I put a heavy 25.5” Shilen barrel with 1/10 twist that I reamed as .300 WSM and put a nice crown on it.

I installed an oversized bedding lug and a large bolt handle, which is easy to grab with gloves. I set the trigger at a crisp 2 lbs and put a good recoil pad on which makes long shooting sessions easy.

I ordered a Super Sniper 10X42M that is equipped with 30MM tube, ¼ MOA audible clicks, large turrets that are easy to grip in any conditions including a side parallax knob that is great when shooting from a prone position. It has an etched Mil-Dot reticule in the round army style and comes with a lifetime warranty. Just incase you were wondering this scope is no longer made by Tasco , S.W.F.A owns the rights to the Super Sniper now, they have set higher standards for the current production models .I thought about getting a 16 power scope but I think this 10 power will do good in heat and close range shooting.

I have a SS16X42 along with a 20 MOA base on my .50 BMG, I have made several hits on 20” targets at 1760, and 2000 yards, I have never had a problem with it returning to zero.

One thing I can say is this is my favorite style of scope; they have been very precise and very dependable.

I put a Harris model low-notched bipod on it.

The entire rifle weighs 12.5 lbs and the recoil is nothing like the original magnum it is comfortable to shoot like a .308. After everything was assembled, I was into the rifle just over $1800.00.

Of all the bullets I tried, I went with Sierra 200 gr BTHP and 62 grains of IMR4831 at an average of 2756 fps this was the best load with average groups well under 1 inch.

One thing I would like to mention about the 210gr vld Burger bullets is after I got a zero I was able to put a three shot group that measured 17.5”on a 20”X24” target at 1200 yards. I also think that this would be a great load that would give you around 2000 lbs of energy out to 600 yards.

With the new barrel I cleaned it about every 10 rounds for the first 100 then I went to every 25 rounds from their on. For testing, I have a digital rangefinder that goes to 1635 yards on a clear day if I use a reflective target for it. I have a chronograph that is important in evaluating the spread in velocities and the effect of heat or freezing conditions, it will also gives me an indication of how well I am reloading or how consistent factory ammo is.

I try not to use anything more than a bipod and a good butt support when I am testing from a bench this way I still learn skills that I need to shoot away from the bench.

I start at 100 yards and work my way out to 800 yards in 50-yard increments, after 800 I go in 25-yard increments, this could take days or even weeks to complete not to mention 300 rounds or better of good ammo. The whole time I am charting how many clicks I need to move my crosshairs in order to hit my target. There are many charts and calculators out their that will give you an estimation of a rifles trajectory but you never really know until you do this kind of testing.

I have found these charts helpful at close ranges but after 400 yards, they can vary dramatically and out at 1000 yards they can be off ten feet or more so the best thing to do is gather as much info as you can then enter it into your calculator and this will help your next trip to the range easier.

I take all of the information that I gather and make a chart that I can tape to my gun in a spot that is easy to read in my shooting positions.

Shooting the .300, WSM at ranges out to 1500 yards was easier than I had planed due to its flatter trajectory , accuracy and speed advantage over the .308.

I did a lot of 100 to 500 yard testing with the 168 gr AMAX because this is about as far as most people will target shoot and it is within the area most people do their hunting. From 100 to about 325 yards the bullet only dropped 10 inches with a 100- yard zero. I set the scope for 300 yards , this seemed to be a good zero because it only had a high point of +4.5”at 175 yards ,a 9” drop to 400 yards and a 26” drop at 500 yards with more than 2200 ft/lbs of knock down power which would be great for hunting game. My best group at 500 yards was 1.53”.

At 500 yards, my drop was only 42”with a 100 yard zero and at 1000 yards; it was 220”, which is about 140” better than my .308. It was not until after 1000 yards that I started to see a major down curve in trajectory for instance at 1200 yards, it dropped 417” and at 1500 yards it had dropped 810” from the 100 yard zero. You might say 810 inches how can you have any control over the bullet or even come close to what you aim at. Well it is not as bad as you think, I was able to hit 15” targets with one to three shots each at 1500 yards and with the scope zeroed at this range, 216 clicks up, it seemed almost too easy. With the Super sniper, you have 60 clicks per turn of the turrets and with the 30mm tube, you have 600 clicks or 150 m.o.a total movement top to bottom on the SS10X42M so you can see that I am only using just over one third of the scopes total capabilities at this range. This scope will take me well over a mile if I ever choose to but for now 1500 yards is plenty to work with. One thing I like is the increased power over the .308, at 1200 yards the bullets hit very hard with around 1300 lbs of energy crushing them the way the .308 would at around 900 yards. This rifle seemed to perform great at the 1200-yard mark in fact I was able to hit four 12” balloons using only six shots and the wind drift did not seem to be very bad even at 10 mph.

At 2750 fps, the 200 gr Sierra was not as accurate as the 168 gr at close ranges but their was no question that the 200 gr bullets were more accurate at long ranges due to the higher BC and extra weight .

I had the Super Sniper dialed up 224 clicks with the Sierra 200 gr; I was able to make a great shot just before dark at 1460 yards on a 15” balloon. Now it took two shots to get it but I was very happy with the rifles performance.

My opinion of this rifle is very good and it is becoming my favorite very quickly due to its versatility, accuracy, and power even at very long ranges. I think this would be a great big game cartridge out to 500 yards, for sniping I would think it would be good out to 1200 yards and for target shooting, I would say you could go well past 1500 yards with the right load and proper scope.

I have put the Super Sniper scope through a lot of testing including putting it under water for 15 minutes; this scope can take some serious abuse without failing or even loosing zero. It is always right ware I last adjusted it.

I may not get into all of the cosmetic details of the gun because that does not mean much to me ,what does is hitting my target weather it is close or very far away and this custom Remington in.300 WSM with a SS10X42M seem to do the trick for me.

Jeremy Hanks

Hello. I recently purchased a Super Sniper scope from you in 20x. I just wanted to let you know that I am more than pleased with my purchase. This scope rivals the most expensive ones on the market for a fraction of the cost. I mounted mine on a Savage 10FP LE .308 rifle. The rifle is accurate but the scope lets me get more out of it than I would have imagined. My gun prints three shot groups that "average" around a quarter of an inch. If it goes close to an inch in size now, I get upset with myself. Thank you very much for a great product at an even better price. You could ask several hundred dollars more for this scope and it would still be fair.

I have attached a photo of one of my groups I shot last Sunday. The ammo was Lapua brass loaded with Sierra Matchking bullets to a velocity of around 2,600 fps. It was my first load I assembled for this gun just to break the barrel in. I think I'll keep it.

Walter Coates

I have a 16x Super Sniper. It is a really nice scope for the money.  I am just punching paper with it not using it in combat. But for putting holes in paper at out to 1,000 yards it works great.  It is mounted on a Bushmaster Varminter and has performed great.  I would imagine that the government testing it went through to earn a US Navy contract must have been very intense.  If it's good enough for Uncle Sam it is good enough for me.  Why spend $1,000.00 to get the same level of performance you can get for $299?


So many times thru the years I have seen people think that if something is super expensive, it must be the best.  I admit most of the time this is true.  But, in the case of the Super Sniper series, it is NOT!  I have a Leupold 10x40 tactical and my Super Sniper is as good and in some ways better.  For example, the turrets on my Super Sniper are FAR superior, and they are far better than my Springfield 4-14x56, and my buddies USO SN-4!  The SN-4 is a $1,400.00 dollar scope from the cheapest place I could find it!  Out of all my scopes, the best optical quality are surprisingly enough my S&B and the Super Sniper!  The SA and Leo are great, but not as good in all conditions as the other two.  Now all you guys calling the SS a piece, you either haven’t seen one or used one because they are FAR from being that!  If the thing was a piece I would not use it on duty!  Also, the Navy Seals probably would not have replaced the M3 with it they did!  PS: I was a US Army Sniper for 8 years assigned to the 10th SF GP and used the M21 and the M40A1, I wish I had had a SS for the M21 as well as the M40!  The issue scopes were great but times change and technology marches on!!!

I feel these test I did warrant the scope, at any price up to at least $1,000.00.

Sniper X

I purchased a Super Sniper scope from your company and have been very pleased. Its durability is unrivaled. At Tac Pro's 500 yd. range in the middle of a five shot MOA test I had to hammer my bolt open because of a stuck round. Needless to say the scope took a beating every time I swung and missed the bolt handle. A fellow shooter commented that the scope would not only be off zero but probably broken. Much to his dismay I fired the last three and the group measured under 0.25 MOA (at 500yards).

On another occasion I accidentally dropped the same gun with the Super Sniper mounted from shoulder height, (the gun weighs 17 lbs.) and it was still dead on. To see what it could really handle I took the scope off kicked it down the range, mounted it, shot, still dead on. I repeated this several times. I ran the adjustments from stop to stop over an hour's time and after all of never failed to hold a group, shoot point of aim, or return to zero.

I'd recommend the SS series to anyone without reservation. It's a great "F" class scope at a great price.

Michael McDonald
Granbury, Texas

Dear SWFA:,
I ordered one of your SS16X42 Scopes about 2 years ago to put on my BIG .50 cal. I cant say enough about how pleased I am with the quality and performance of this scope. I use the windage and elevation turrets all the time and I have never lost my zero. This is more than I could say about a lot of scopes I have had in the past. This scope has enough MOA To take my .50 cal out to 2000yds with the use of a 20 MOA tapered base. I have hit a good number of targets at 1 mile away thanks to this scope, and that is a lot of clicking up and down. I am so happy with this scope that I plan to buy a SS10X42M for a custom Remington 700 in 300WSM that I have been working on. Thank you SWFA!

Jeremy H.

I have that exact scope (a Super Sniper) mounted on my 8lb .338 Lapua which kicks 10 times harder than my BFG. First 200 rounds were fired without any kind of muzzle brake. Last 40-50 have been with a good JP Brake installed. So far the scope itself has held up very well (wish I could say the same about the rings...the recoil has wrecked two seperate sets of rings so far).


Dear Folks at SWFA:
This year I purchased a Super Sniper scope in 10 power from you. Upon receiving the scope, it was mounted on a Sauer 200 STR Target rifle, sighted in, and since then has been used a lot. The scope has yet to lose it's zero after traveling several hundred kilometers, including much hunting. Over 1000 rounds of various ammo, 7,62x51 and 6,5x55, has been through the rifle, not to mention a little rough handling on occasion. If there is one thing that impresses me about optics, it's the ability to hold a zero, and return to that zero after sight adjustments. Good price, service and product. What else can I say. Thanks SWFA!!!

Roger Pekkala

Who ever said there are no Super Sniper scopes on combat deployment does not know the guys in the deployment. Enough on he said she said crap. Pretending to know everything tends to reveal knowledge of nothing. I have 5 of these things, have yet to break one. One of mine has the finish worn away from dragging, has had over 3000 firing solutions put into it over the last 18 months, each with a return to zero at the end of it; has actually been submerged in salt water to a depth of 35 feet for an extended period...and used to shoot a ten round sub MOA group this last weekend at a measured 1000 yards. Maybe I'm not hard enough on these suckers to break one. Dunno.


I am a soldier in the US army, and not too long ago I purchased a Tasco SS10x42M scope from you. Last night I went to sight it in and was extremely pleased with its performance. I have been in the army for the last 8 years and I have been a scout & armorer for more than half of that I have worked very closely with the M24 weapon system. I feel that the SS10x42M lives up to the standards of the M3A. Thanks for offering it at a very good price!

K. S. - Lowlite

I'm not sure why so many people are willing to pay huge sums of money for their optics when something like the Super Sniper is available. I have 2 of them, one in 16x and the other in 20x. They are awesome scopes, regardless of the price! I was at the range today and I was hitting targets in excess of 550 yards and the view was crystal clear. I have a lot of friends who insist on getting a 2nd mortgage to buy their scopes and they are NO BETTER THAN THE SUPER SNIPER. PERIOD. The glass in them is exceptional and their tracking is perfect. Save yourself the extra $400 (They are only $299 at and use it to buy reloading equipment to turn your gun into a REAL tack driver! Then you can laugh at the guys who pay $700+ for the same quality just so they can have Leupold or Nightforce stamped on their scope.


Well Hello,
I have recently bought a 10x42 Super Sniper. I can tell you from an infantry perspective at my division that a lot of other fellow soldiers and officers liked it so much they bought their own. It has received nothing but praise from all over the globe. The scope can compare to most scopes costing twice what this one cost and we have tested it on a lot of different rifles with not one problem. ... I consider it the best scope for the money and I cannot understand why anyone would not love it. .. No one I have let use it has ever complained.


I would like to let you and your customers know about the satisfaction and success I have had with my Super Sniper scopes. I use a 10x42-M (side-focus) Super Sniper on my H-S Precision .308 and the 16x42 on my Barrett M82A1.

The H-S Precision .308 and Super Sniper combination have assisted me to win the Top Shooter Award in both the H&K International Training Division and NRA Precision Law Enforcement Rifle/Sniper Instructor courses. The consistent performance of the scope and rifle have also allowed me to achieve high score in the Long Range (600 yard) portion of the Ft. Meade Counter-Sniper Team Competition that consisted of 40 military and police snipers from the U.S. and Canada.

As the owner of G P S, LLC., I operate the H-S Precision Sniper Program located in Arizona. At the beginning of every course we conduct our scope tracking drills to insure all our student's scopes will operate properly for the duration of our strenuous course. I am constantly amazed at the consistent tracking of the Super Sniper scope during these drills, unfortunately this same consistent performance is not realized by all of our students using various brands and models of scopes.

William Graves
Owner; G P S, LLC.

Director; H-S Precision Sniper Program • U.S. D.O.J., INS National Firearms Unit approved Instructor • AZ POST Approved Provider of Training • HK International Training Division - Precision Rifle/Sniper & Tactical Team/SWAT Instructor certifications • NRA - L.E. Precision Rifle/Sniper Instructor & L.E. Tactical Firearms Shooting Instructor certifications • Front Sight Firearms Training Institute - Precision Rifle, Handgun, Sub-gun, Tactical Simulator Instructor

I have got to hand it to you guys!! I have been nothing but impressed with your business ethics and superb service!!

I was very impressed to find my scope and goodies had arrived this afternoon. I am also glad to hear that this scope has a lifetime warrantee, but I don't think I will need to use it. This scope looks and feels to be one of the best built that I have ever purchased. I have purchased several, and thought I would try out the Super Sniper that you had on your web site. All I can say, is that if anyone missed out on this deal looking for something "better", they screwed up big time!! The scope will be sitting pretty on top of my .300 WinMag in short order. I can hardly wait to give it a run at the river!!

I was also equally impressed about your super fast shipping. Especially since the order was placed late Sunday afternoon.

You will never have anything but praise from me, and I will gladly promote your company every chance I get!!

Thanks for everything!!


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