The Field Tested Workhorse
SWFA SS 10x42



In sub-zero temperatures or searing desert heat (-50 degrees to +130 degrees Fahrenheit, and altitudes of 30,000 feet to depths of 15 feet in salt water) the waterproof, shockproof, fogproof SS performs. Whatever the weapon, from .223 to .50 BMG, the SS handles the recoil. Whatever the target, the SS gives you the best advantage. Made of lightweight aluminum but strong as steel, it has superior multicoated optics for maximum light transmission. Built to NATO specs.

SWFA SS 10x42


  • Matte Finish
  • Patented Mil-Quad Reticle
  • 30mm Tube
  • .1 MRAD Turrets
  • Rear Focus
  • OK for .50 cal
  • waterproof
  • fogproof
  • shockproof
  • fully multi coated
$299 95



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  • Exit Pupil: 4.2mm
  • Weight: 18.7
  • Length: 357mm / 14.05"
  • Field of view @ 100 yds: 3.9m
  • Side Parallax Adjustment (m): 10 - infinity
  • Eye Relief (in): 3.9
  • Diopter Compensation: -2 ~ +1 dpr
  • Click Adjustment Value: 0.1 MRAD
  • Adjustment Per Revolution: 5 Mils
  • Total Elevation Adjustment:
  • Total Windage Adjustment:
  • Type of Reticle: Mil-Quad
  • Focal Plane:
  • Coating: Fully Multi Coated
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Fogproof: yes
  • Shockproof: yes

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Reviewer: PRB

This scope is fantastic. Highly recommended, preforms like a scope 3x the price


Reviewer: Yoder

Look no further for a scope if you're wanting to spend under $500 for a scope and plan to shoot at medium to extended ranges. This is a rugged, reliable tracking, matching MIL/MIL reticle and turret optic with good optical clarity. There are countless reviews and discussions on this optic on YouTube and forums online so feel free to spend time there if you need any other assurances... this is a winner and nobody should be without 1 or 2 of these scopes. YMMV


Reviewer: M. Holland

These scopes must be considered an absolute best buy in the rifle optics world. I've used one on a big .50 Barrett, and this newest one on the Ruger 6.5 Creedmore. I love the Mil-Quad reticle. Very user friendly and doesn't clutter your view. You cannot go wrong with one of these scopes.


Reviewer: Smed

An old shooter once taught me "A $10 scope for a $10 rifle. The glass should cost as much as the rifle." So when I saw this scope at only $300 I admit I was a bit doubtful. But after calling the customer service (I apologize I forget them man's name) and seeing how solid the company will stand behind their product, I had nothing to lose. He advised me that since it's a mil-dot reticle, I should get the mil adjustments. Totally makes sense but something I completely overlooked. If you have to come up 1.5 mils and the scope is set for 1/4 moa clicks, you better get the calculator out! 

After getting the scope, I knew I made the right choice. Crystal clear, solid, beautiful. 

But I'll throw in a couple CONS just so it doesn't sound like I'm being a suck up. 
* This scope comes with zero instructions. As a dad who is new to mil-dot and going to have to teach my son, a simple cheat sheet would've been nice. If you're not familiar with mil-dot, either start watching YouTube videos, buy a book, or ask some buddies. 
* The eye relief is very specific. Getting it set up for a bench shoot then switching to prone or sitting, your eye/cheek will naturally move a bit on the stock. This scope is very picky about it's eye position. 

But those two gripes are a stretch compared to the quality and warranty this scope offers. I'm actually thinking about trading in my 6-18 Leupold on another like this for my other rifle.

5 solid stars.

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